My Dream Audio System

(or, what I could get for a bit over $2000)

Wow! How nice that a good stereo sound could sound so musical.
I spent about two months researching this system and there is so much out there,
I could have continued for two years. In the end, I made a best guess and I am not sorry.
A good stereo can make a big difference in your enjoyment of a musical piece.

For the specs, I have B&W 603 S2's for speakers. You can see more on them at:


Note: I've upgraded the speakers to the wounderful CDM-1NTs. Not as much base, but the midrange is much much better.

On the recommendation of my buddy Rick, I looked into NAD for the integrated amplifier and what a nice integrated amplifier it is!
I have the NAD C350, a great unit for the price, with a matching C523 CD Changer. You can see them at:

Amp and CD Changer

Of course, these days, you might want to check out the NAD C370, the 350's big brother

Or, if you are really in the money, get the Creek 5350SE!!

Finally, I got ahold of a used NAD 440 Tuner. Overpriced at $400+, it is pretty good at $180. It does need a better antenna. I'm thinking Terk...

For the audiophiles out there (I am a music lover, not an audiophile),
I have 12 gage OFC cables from the amp to the speakers and a CALRAD triple shielded, gold connect, 3ft in length cable from the changer to the amp.
That CalRad cable made the upper range sound very nice!

The money I saved in cables that wern't over-hyped went into equipment, deal with it!

For a really useful review site, see:


CDM 1NT  w/o grille C350 Int Amp CDM 1NT w/o grille